Beta version the NOVA Wallet available on App Store, so EOS [EOS] can soon be traded

On 17th July 2018, NOVA Wallet, a multi-platform application which is built to store and trade EOS based tokens released its first wallet. The team has released a beta version of the app on iOS App store at present. In order to use the NOVA wallet currently, users are advised to become a beta tester.

The NOVA wallet’s iOS version will be released first followed by Android and extension version which will be released later. According to the Korean time, the application time for the NOVA wallet was at 10:00 am on 17th July 2018.

After applying for the beta tester, a beta test e-mail will be received by the user. Post this, a beta tester should run the TestFlight button to install the NOVA wallet. The team has promised several perks for the testers who provide feedback and bug reports on the wallet.

Some of the crucial features of NOVA wallet are:

  • It provides support for staking. The reward a user receives while supporting a network by holding coins and running a node is called staking.
  • The NOVA wallet allows easy and fast transfer of tokens with the help of an authentication password on the users’ mobile device.
  • Tokens can be easily added to the NOVA Wallet.
  • The NOVA wallet has an improved security with the addition of biometric ID or Face ID for cases which could be of security threat.

A Reddit user, indend007, commented:

“I just install it, and tested. Very easy to use, and has simple UX. There are some more features like RAM trading and etc in Next version.”

Another Reddit user, SuddenAnalysis, stated:

“Wow, this is the first eos wallet with biometric identification!”

EOS is a blockchain and cryptocurrency token which operates on certain smart contracts and helps in the developments of decentralized applications [dApps].

At the time of writing, EOS [EOS] is traded at a price of $8.14 and has a market cap of $7 billion. While the cryptocurrency market is on a bull run, EOS is slightly on the bearish side depicting a fall in price by 1.41% in the past 24 hours.

On the 20th of July, 2018 EOSIO released EOSIO 1.1.0, a new version of their upgraded technology aiming for a more scalable infrastructural development.

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